Class 2 /4 course  (Bus and Taxi) 

We are proud to be offering Class 2 courses now! This course is 18 hours and includes the use of the bus for your road test. This course will cover both class 2 and 4 allowing you to drive buses, taxis, limousines as well as ambulances.

Course cost is $2900 plus gst (does not include ICBC fees on test day)

Air Brakes

​Our air brakes will cover the basic functions of Airbrake systems, their maintenance and service. This course consists of two 8 hour days of theory. All 16 hours of theory is mandatory. Students must have a valid BC Driver’s Licence.

Course cost is $400.00 per person.

Defensive Driving

We offer customized defensive driving courses for companies needing to have their employees trained. Please contact us for more information on these courses and to have a course designed for your needs.

Driver Evaluations

Want to know how your drivers stack up?
This helps you prevent vehicle abuse and reduce collision costs, and gives your drivers more knowledge and confidence on the road.
A written report will be provided on each driver, including an assessment of overall risk and cost factors from driver-induced vehicle wear and tear will be provided upon completion, which gives you a powerful tool for follow-up with your employees.

Course Details:
General knowledge test of traffic safety
Hand-eye coordination assessment
Road evaluation in urban, rural, or combined setting
Attitudinal assessm

Seniors Driving Courses

We offer refresher courses for seniors that are wishing to upgrade their skills or are being re-tested for their licences. Please contact us for pricing on these courses.

Other Available Courses