*All packages include the use of our training vehicle for the road test!

​*Prices shown do not include GST

Class 5 and 7

New Driver Package

This is a 20 hours package that has been designed to take a new driver confidently from their first day at the wheel to their road test. This package covers introductions to car controls and easing the student into their first drive, highway driving, gravel road driving as well as everything covered in the 10 hour course.

Package cost is $1200

Road Test Package

This is a 2.5 hour package that was designed for the new driver that wants a quick review on their skills before taking their road test. You will receive 90 minutes of in car instruction/evaluation, followed by a 15 minute warm up drive on the day of your road test and use of our vehicle for the 45 minute ICBC road test.

Package cost is $195

Package Add ons

Add on extra hours to either our 10 hour or our 20 hour packages for just $65 per hour! 

Ready For Test Package

This is a 10 hour package that has been designed for those who have some degree of "home instruction" but who still require upgrading of both skills and confidence. It covers the basic skills, road rules/traffic signs and controls, observational skills, defensive driving and prepping the students skills and confidence for the road test.

Package cost is $595

Individual Lessons

If you have had home lessons are are just looking for an evaluation and some brush up instruction then individual lessons are just what you need! 

60 minute lesson - $70

90 minute lesson - $105

Winter Ready Package

This 10 hour package is highly recommended for all of our students who have completed their new driver courses and also for fearful, timid or drivers new to the area. We will instruct defensive winter driving and techniques they can use when they find themselves in unfamiliar winter conditions.

Package cost is $500